Saturday, July 29, 2006

My new blog + Southland tales...

Despite the fact i have very little daytime on my hands. I always use my nights and mornings on movies and music...and this one day eventually resulted in me wanting to do a movie blog instead of my original and more personal blog. So here it is....... some posts, talk/words and reviews about good movies, bad movies, and movies that might have missed out on your attention in general. Enough explaining, stick around and i´ll show you.

First of all.... for starters..... to get things running. Donnie Darko director Richard Kellys Southland Tales comics (first three chapters of a six chapter movie/multimedia experience) are more or less on the streets. All three comics are drawn by wonderful Brett Weldele. Chapter one "Two roads diverge" came out last month and have reached some stores in Europe, though theyre twice sometimes triple the price of (basically). Chapter two - Fingerprints, have been released on and are highly awaited in european stores. For those interested, espcially you europeans, who im sure wont get a chance to see them in that many stores.... i strongly recommend that you buy them either at Amazon or at
Southland Tales is still, despite the mixed receptions at this years annual cannes film festival, probably one of the most anticipated movies of this decade, and i highly recommend everyone who has any interest in movies to follow up on any item or string connected to this movie experience.

Chapter two: Fingerprints.

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