Friday, September 21, 2007

Apple... Who are you? Part 1 of 4.

(photo courtesy of jcdecaux)

"Silent Bob here's an electrical genius. He won the science fair in eighth grade by turning his mom's vibrator into a CD player using some chicken wire and shit.The mother fucker's like MacGyver. No, the mother fucker's *better than* MacGyver." (Quote from the movie "Mallrats" by Kevin Smith).

Pretty impressive. So... in that case, what came first?- Silent bob the original thinker, or Silent bob "the guy who got inspired by the right thing, in the right place, at the right time" and then... Cdplayer!. Its a tough one. The movie makes it seem like, that even the most common pothead (as Silent Bob) can modify/engineer cool things, with a little inspiration. Well ofcourse, Kevin Smiths character in the movie Mallrats, is just as fictional as a 20$ Hummer. But the essence of the situation comedy film quote in the beginning of my post
, is absolutely relevant when it comes to me attempting de-bunk the grey areas between infinite layers of corporate inspiration, original thinking and re-invention. Again, theres a long walk from a sexual device (such as a vibrator) to a real functioning cdplayer. But having that walk in mind and putting fiction aside. I wonder..... How easy would it be for a reasonably intelligent well travelled designer (or company), to convert a basic, but wellknown shiny "pictureframe" design into an "original" mobile phone design? Well...

First of all lets focus on fx. Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Oslo, Chile, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Malmö... and the many more cities, that Jcdecaux, a world wide outdoor advertizing company are present with their products (and have been for years). To narrow it down, lets lock on to the french town of Plaisir, a city not far from Versaille. Here you will find the Jcdecaux designers who are responsible for the neat worldknown looks of the "Paris 3".

Yes, it is indeed an outdoor display with very smooth looks. A simple square, with nice rounded corners, cool chrome finish... all of it together, almost too classy, for being a passive display. I really wonder how this french design would look if it was to be the size of a hand. "A tiny billboard in your hand" (or pocket). A tiny chrome square, with oh so cute and shiny corners. That would be kinda cool. Hmmmmmm... (thinking).

Part 2 of "Apple: Who are you?" (plus 3 and 4), coming soon.

The eerie stills... of the Southland Tales trailer..

A dedicated user over at named Gunji, took a closer look at the yahoo high definition version of the Southland Tales trailer. He kindly spent his latenight going thru the trailer with keener eyes and... posted his findings in the forum (in 1024x768 resolution). "I watched it frame-by-frame and was even more impressed by all the stuff they put in. Now it's almost 2 o'clock at night here and I gotta work tomorrow, but here are some hidden stills I found!" - Gunji. Here are some of the Eerie stills he found burried in the faster transitions of the trailer. Click the images to see bigger versions (in new window).

If you wanna see, hear and discuss more about this film, i can definently recommend heading over to (signup required). Lot of nice people over there, and Richard Kelly himself drops by and says hi once in a while. Great work Gunji. Nice stills.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Southland Tales trailer, finally here...

After a good... hmmm... weeks, months, well.. almost a year. Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly finally got his ultimate doomsday movie thru what apparently was channels, heaps, and furthermore, a bit more than just months of re-editing and bargaining with the man and his bright red tape. Sci-fi weirdness, massive blimps and Atomic bombs, along side: Justin Timberlake, The Rock, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sean William Scott, Kevin Smith and more. Not to mention wonderkid Moby doing the official soundtrack. Who wouldnt wanna see that?. Yes, there you have it- A genuine preview of what to expect in cinemas everywhere the 9th of november. The official Southland Tales trailer is finally among us.

You can also watch the trailer in HD at yahoo. Click here

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Zune party?

This post have been removed - since i was encouraged to take it down. Fair enough. I was a bit to fast on the trigger there, sorry. Anyhow, it was a pic given to me by a friend, who claimed that it was a live zune 2 in the wild at a Copenhagen party (at some office). To describe the pic: A guy and a girl was posing together, with some people in the background. The guy was showing of a videoplaying zune (i presume) in his hand, towards the camera. Though the pic was very small and not that good. I could not quite determine if it was real or not. But i was encouraged to take the picture down, so i did. The reason why i think it was a zune, was because the concept of it, very much looked like the zune 2 i posted about last week. That zune i recently discovered was a genuine fake, because it was entered as a part of the "design a zune" competition on engadget last year. Hopefully another "real" pic will manifest itself soon.

Be sure to come back this week and check out the posts on apple, the iphone and where apple get "their" ideas. I tell you, it is gonna be good/serious fun.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pod people got it!

So... there it was. Not one, not two... but three new ipods (3 and a half if you count the new shuffle). Am i impressed? Well, to be honest im having a hard time figuring out what the big news is. Apple relatives always inherit the looks of their socalled parents, meaning... the classic ipod white on their computers got dropped for silver. So, was it unlikely to expect anything less than silver on the ipod series (instead of white)? Apple recently launched a touchscreen device (iphone). Would one not assume that this technology would be transferred to atleast one of their new devices? Anyhow, enough biggering..... what im trying to say is- From a technological standpoint, i am so far, not that impressed with apples "newest" ongoing beatsaga. From a design standpoint... i simply cannot contain myself regarding the new nano. It is directly hideous. Too fat for its own good, an epic eyesore of wellproportioned dimensions. Sometimes apples obvious visions for "music lovers" remind me of washingpowder commercials and cleaning product promises over time. Because the powers or "technologies" for washing things whiter, is so much better today, than 20 years ago. Havent you noticed? Our clothes are so white today that its beyond white, because... washing powder just keeps getting better. Right? Or perhaps i could even stretch it so far and say that apple is the new gillette... they just keep adding blades on those damn razors, and everytime you sit there...infront of your screen, suckerpunched and amazed... thinking- How the hell do they keep having room for all those blades? Right? Well you shouldnt be. Ofcourse a 5 blade gillette razor will, without a doubt, always outperform a 1 blade bic razor (the yellow ones from the same company that also makes pens... yeah). But is it fair to compare the same simple razor to a nice new pimped out philips shaver? Well......... my general question is? Has the ipod really become that much better?

Ipod touch notes - 8/16gb: Yeah its thinner and absolutely begging to be bent the wrong way one day or another. The ipod touch appeals to customers who insist on using both hands operating, while proudly attempting to impress everybody else in their school/work lunchbreaks with its wauvfactor.... and since it appeals to mostly "i dont know much about gadgets or music, and i dont care, but i want one too" and their ways of encountering everyday life. The thin ipod touch is most definently to become a fragile sucker in the wrong (apple=right) hands. Design wise, the touch is sleek and clean... apples patented circles on squares. Simple to the core, but perhaps a little bit too blingy for its own good. An all matt black ipod touch would have been nicer. Who knows, an "a chemical romance" ipod might be lurking soon enough.

Ipod classic notes - 80-160gb: Not many changes here. The screen is as always, brighter. Always good. Design has been tweeked a bit with some slopes up and over, into the ipod front itself. Acceptable, but not an actual inprovement that really ads more to the simpler design. I guess they were aiming for a "thinner" look. The big news- was 160gb of room for the biggest ipod classic. Ok? Somebody humour me- Who the hell needs 160gb space for apple related content?

Ipod nano notes - 4/8gb: So the rumours were right. Apple brought a fatty into the camp. Looks as if though, they tried really hard to squeeze everything into place. Probably the most obnoxious of apple devices ever. Be pleased that it fits in almost every pocket. Keep it there please.

Yep. alot words in one chop.... anyhoo, be sure to come back within the week and watch me track down, uncover, and document where apple found their inspirations. Yes, it will all be there... Soon enough.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cowon mockups...

Within the last month or so, a whole heap of interesting Cowon/Iaudio designs/mockups flooded the net here and there. I figured i would post the ones that wasnt shown too much. Apparently these pics tell the mythical tales of a new, smaller "colored" version of the x5, which Cowon fans over the years so proudly enjoyed to worship (for a good reason aswell). It pleases me very much to keep seeing consistent Cowon supporters (which i assume it is) creating a stir with their own designs. Good ones too if i may add. So no complaints here. Ufortunantly credible rumours of a future sibling to the x5, the x7 (or x8) are sofar non existent. So, youre gonna have to settle for these fake mugshots. Notice that the black design has X8 on its back, where the red and brown have X7.


Thanks you David T. for the pics.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Now vs. January?

Ok. Im kinda on hiatus... and along that preparing a few somewhat bigger controversial posts for next week. So far my cool detective skills have presented me some trails and brought me places i didnt even imagined existed... and besides that, it has demanded quite a bit of vast agressive research. But, im really enjoying this quest of tracking down the inspirations of last weeks "legend" and its infamous master (hint= "not pear"). Wanna know more? Yeah. Stick around, and i´ll toy with your senses soon enough. In the meanwhile, for you, who havent gotten around to it yet.... Click the pic. (and then..... shake some pics).

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Zune generation 2

...And while all desperate eyes and ears are on the Apple event tomorrow, i have decided to switch camps (not that i ever was in "one" camp) and post this new fascinating (and plausible) 2nd generation Zune mock by an unknown designer, that i discovered on a german Zune site. Very interesting design. I especially like the double edges of the device. Which would make room for both the neat "double-shot" finish on the outside, without it interferring with the solid frame inside surrounding the actual screen. Also it makes it easier to keep your fingers curled along side to the front of the device without having to be forced resting you fingertips on the edge of the screen. (source:

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Iaudio U5

As mentioned some days ago, the IFA consumer eletronics fair in Berlin has been a busy week for alot of manufacturers. Plenty of companies presented somewhat interesting devices. Korean Cowon on the other hand presented this little thing, which im not really sure about how to react upon - The Iaudio U5. A smaller device, with a 1.8" tft lcd screen at 128x160. Capacity wise ranging from 2-8 gb along the skills of doing voice recordings, FM radio and recording. How they will manage to unveil this device further, is a mystery i guess. Is it sofar, inferior in comparison to its other Cowon Iaudio family members? It seems so. Am i a bit dissapointed? Havent decided yet. Hopefully the U5 is just a teaser or a prototype of sorts. The design itself is interesting, yet generic and very much not even near as consequently executed as i thought they would vision their future designs. Check it out.

Navigations/tactile closeup.

Cowons IFA 2007 booth. (pic by Steven@cowonboards)

More IFA 2007 booth pics at the Korean Cowonboards
. Enjoy.

New nano - part 2

After quite some searching for the origin of the Ipod nano pic sent to me by a friend of mine (claiming not knowing the source). After several hours of searching, i finally found a bunch of pics claiming to be nano g3´s. Also being the source of my pic i assume. Let me just state one thing. THEY ARE ALL FAKES. I looked closer at the real pics and pointed out the photoshop mistakes. Just in case you got youre hopes up.

pic 1:

The shadow line on the top right side is photoshopped. The line is pixelated and has a too strong contrast compared to a realistic photo. Hence its added. Also the screen is a tad more to the right side of the player, crossing into the curves of the actual device.

pic 2::

The surrounding textures of the clickwheel is too blurred compared to the texture of the normal surface on the device. Which also screams PHOTOSHOP, apparently he either couldnt find a matching color good enough or he used a bad click wheel copied from another pic. Besides these flaws, MacFranky´s flickr page reeks of "i love mocks".

These 2 pics along more fake nano pics can be found at MacFranky´s Flickr page. Check it out.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The new nano?

Alot of talk have been roaming the corners of the Ipod communities lately. Mostly regarding some suspicious Widescreen Ipod nano photos posted on Gizmodo, Engadget and other bigger gadget and consumer electronics sites. The 5th of september apple is having a major apple event and many fans/sources assume that this new Ipod breed will be making its appearance this day. My question is - Is this the Ipod we will be seeing on Wednesday?

Archos 105

Just like Creative and many others, french company Archos whom are extremely wellknown for their exceptional build quality, unveiled a few of their new devices at the IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin last week. Amongst these, this very cute Archos 105, which for now only packs either 1 or 2gb of memory. Fantastic about this device is the price. A 1gb device will go for around 80euro, the 2gb for around 100euro (according to Pixmania whom are launching the sale the 6th of september). The Archos 105 measures 45mm wide, 85mm high and is only 7mm deep, packing a 1.8" screen and comes in white, silver and a blazing nice red. Hopefully a bigger capacity will turn up soon. But, are you looking for a nice new skinny companion to take hostage your sweet sweet music... and would you settle for 2gb of storage (or 1). Then you will definently not go wrong with one of these.

Over at they fundled, studied and forced a silver 105 to pose for some nice shots. Go take a look.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Creative Zen walkthru

About an hour ago the folks over at french Generationmp3 did a nice video walkthru of the new Creative Zen. Check it out. Very tiny player i say, tiny.... indeed.