Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hard Candy, anyone?

As proven before thru the beautiful works of directors such as Todd Solondz (Happines, Palindromes amongst others), Miranda July (You and me and everyone we know) and even Darren aronofosky (Requiem for a dream), writers and directors today arent affraid of leaning towards the more sensitive and worst case scenario - the tabooish.

The new realism genre (if thats what it even is) within movies today are becoming a somewhat exciting "new" territory to explore, and luckely for everyone watching, reality, no matter how brutal it may be, always brings a bit more edge to the screen, and Hard candy is no exception.

I definently recommend basically anyone to atleast
watch (and become intrigued by) these first8,5 minutes of the movie or..... "best case scenario", track this movie down and check it out... you will not regret it. Fans os movies like Se7en, Happines, Saw, and even Requiem for a dream, will love this dark and almost documentary-like quite rough very head on movie. It certainly wont deliver the plot you expect it to..... thats for sure. Obs: (sensitive people, should probably watch it with a nice partner).

PS: i will post a detailed review (incl. spoilers and everything) of the movie later on this month. Enjoy.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lady in the water

M. night shyamalan, writer/director of beautiful "blockbusters" Sixth sense, unbreakable, signs and the village, recently premiered with his latest: Lady in the water. The movie (or bedtime story as shyamalan states) opened july 21st in the U.S grossing 18 million $ on the first weekend (struggling to achive 50), creating quite a numb stir with horrible and at times insulting reviews. Once again Bryce dallas Howard (daughter of director Ron Howard) is in the lead as seen previous in shyamalans: The village. the movie opens in most of Europe the end of august and thru september.

Heres a trailer:

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The science of sleep and videos...

One of the worlds most finest and innovative musicvideo directors: Michel Gondry, Have since the very beginning of his career, been an utter fantastically different experience within what we perceive as mearly filmmaking. Michel Gondry, is not just a ground breaking musicvideo/filmdirector but an extraordinary dreamer fighting to deliver what we dare to feel and fail to think up. La Science des rĂªves (The Science Of Sleep) is his 3rd cinematic film as a director. (Charlie kaufman´s "Human nature" and "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" being his first and second).

The Sciene Of Sleep, is Michel Gondry´s first cinematic film, where he is responsible for both the writing and the directing. Those of us who know the work of Michel Gondry, instantly recognize his unique style and sense of more visual expressions. Are you not familiar with Michel Gondry? Here´s a bunch of typical "Gondryesque" youtubed musicvideos, topped of with my favourite scene in "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind", and finally the trailer for "The Science Of Sleep". Enjoy!

Bjork - Hyperballad (by M.Gondry)

Michael Andrews/Gary jules - Mad World (by M.Gondry)

Chemical Brothers - Star guitar (by M.Gondry)

Radiohead - Knives out (by M.Gondry)

Massive Attack - Protection (by M.Gondry)

Kylie minoque - Come into my world (by M.Gondry)

The White Stripes - Hardest button to button (by M.Gondry)

My absolute favourite scene in "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind". (notice the books around them as they walk around.... So beautiful, breathtaking and typical Michel Gondry. The wonderful music of Jon Brion, makes this scene unforgettable.)

The Science Of Sleep - Official Trailer.

"The Science Of Sleep" Premieres pretty much in every good cinema everywhere in September/October. Everybody deserves a little Michel Gondry in their life..... Dont you agree?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New hope for movies on the go!

Yep, your movies on the go....along your life online...... After carefully observing the development within digital devices that supposebly should encourage you more to bring your video (and more) files with you, better things are finally comin around the mountain. This is the new Sony MYLO.

A full scale mediaplayer that pulls of an amazing 30 frames pr. second video on a 2,4 inch qvga screen, an online messenging device working via wifi using either googletalk, yahoo messenger or skype..... In one...... no phone.... just pure media and networking. A sleek and wonderfully designed travel partner perfect for internet addicts and moviefreaks.

So are you into cool trendy gadgets, but far less game or jevelery orientated. Then the Sony MYLO is a perfect partner for you who simple got tired of incapable devices such as the nice but oversized "teenage" flavoured PSP, the "the cute japanese, hackable DS LITE" or either troublesome devices such as the Ipod video (which noone uses for video anyway) and creatives zen vision:m.................... Yes..... No...... MYLO could be your friend any day now, And yeah i could see myself summing up Lost or Alias on this sucker, absolutely. The rumour is that the lovely MYLO will enter the market with a price between 300-350 us-dollars/ 240/280 euros.