Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Im gonna post up some more asian music any second now, but in the meantime i really would like you all to see this...... Im seriously speechless.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Mir of Japan

In a completely different set of scenery.... burried in what probably is an endless amount of fun, undefined turbulence and inspiration, we find japanase based Mir. A "band" that not only is capable of making your insides itch (both head and body, lovely and annoying), but also has unique capabilities within both peformance and quirky semi-romantics. A collective of musical scientists combined with the poetic instincts of basic human curiousity, that is the essence of this crazy pack of foxes called Mir. What can i say, check out the videos, enjoy the show..... visit their site/myspace...buy their record!..... and remember to tell them that you think theyre simply awesome. Visit their myspace here and their website here.

Mir - "Dance" video

Mir - Live at Tsurumai rock fest.

Mir - Live at Tsurumai rock fest.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Japanese based Lullatone is the wonderous works and joint efforts of melody maker Shawn James Seymour and singer Yoshimi Tomida. A duo which delicious childlike and playful whispery singalong aesthetics gently armwrestles with the absolute most admirable fragile micromusical athmospheres. As mentioned on their myspace, theyre inspired by "daydreaming and humming in the bathtub", a thing i definently lack to draw musical conclusions upon... untill now.... and i concur.... Lullatone is the perfect soundtrack for vivid daydreaming and long sunday showers/baths preparing/recharging for the contrast evils that await around the very corners of the days to come. Of all creatures on this planet.... Lullatone is climbing my list of favourites, tailgating other out of this world inventions like Domo-kun and the Friends with you creatures. I guess by now, youve figured out that i think Lullatones music is nothing less than magical, innocent and cuddly creature like. So if youre into moods and things like that, i guess you owe this japanese duo your dedicated attention. Visit them at myspace here or visit their website lullatone.com. You should.

Lullatone - "Bedroom bossa band" video

Lullatone - "Magical" live in Japan

Red licorice...

Had a picnic yesterday evening with some friends. Victims were - some great salads (danish and turkish salads) made by Russ and Lucy the brits, some quorn fillets prepared by Sanna and Johanna the finns, some store bought potato salad and bread was there too.... anyhoo, a pretty lovely night. Nothing fancy, but lovely. Topped the day of with some geek surfing, some My name is Earl accompanied by some red licorice and..... what i really wanted to say was..... Finnish red strawberry licorice..... oh my god. Have never tasted it before.... but wauv... You have to try it some time. If my girlfriend would let me, i would wanna grow fat on that (especially when the price is 10kroner/1.5euro pr. 200.gr). Finnish strawberry licorice. Yes. Gotta have more.
More asian mucis recommendations, just around the corner.... just gotta finish this box of.... mmmhh... tasty... red.... mmm.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Uhhh....... second chapter of the search for nice asian music. Furniture is a wonderful, wonderful indie "postrock" 5 piece band from Selangor, Malaysia. Yes, Malaysia.

Dreamy, broken, childish, blossoming, cozy, tranquil, smiling, kissing, holding hands, hugs (multiple hugs)...... shoelaces, icecream, 80´s sony walkmen (the big yellow ones), flowers, milkshakes, and childrens chemical helicopters (the ones outside supermarkets you put money in to shake your kids around), are definently among the things i picture when listening to their soothing songs. Again, without saying too much... They did a great debut record entitled "Twillight chases the sun" with a lovely cover that has a nice cut for the yellow cd (on top of the dark blue/green background) which makes it look like the moon peeping out from the cover. Nice.... nice... nice. You should listen to them sometime. Visit them here :www.myspace.com/earsofa

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cute Toe...

So........... over the next few weeks im gonna post up some newer nice, lovely and interesting asian bands/artists in here. Maybe you like it/them, maybe you dont. Anyhow, without too much ado. This is Toe, a great japanese band ive fallen totally in love with. (not to be confused with the american band Toe).

A very nice band, that i would love to see live one day. Check out their site aswell, with tons o great pics amongst other things. www.toe.st/

Monday, June 04, 2007

More Cowon Q5...

Yeah. I just cant get enough of this one. It just seems to be an amazing pmp. Before i forget, last time i mentioned the q5 i forgot to state that it ofcourse, just like the Cowon A2 and other cowon devices, has a Usb host (cameras, phone, other players etc.). Anyhow, heres some more pics (courtesy of the Korean Cowon site). Notice the tiny D2 aswell (lying on top of the q5). The D2 which already is out in most of europe. Very nice device aswell. Oh well.... here some great pics to get you wound up. Please pay close attention to the amazing screen, which is obviously.... insanely contrast rich and viewable from even sharper angles (3rd last pic). Enjoy.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

More, more Commodore...

I posted about the Commodore Gravel media unit some time ago, and just thought i would follow up and post these pics to show you how things are coming along.... how good it looks etc. All 3 Gravel units (here only shown 2, c200 which is a smaller unit just for music, coming later) will be able to connect directly to commodores new massive media empire. Rumours are that you will be able to have individual storage space for your media at their site (perhaps along a profile or something, who knows. ;)). Gonna follow up on that later. In the meanwhile check this out, including the link to the official Gravel site.

Gravel site: www.commodore-gravel.com

Friday, June 01, 2007

Stranger than fiction...

So you dislike Will Ferrel? or.....You love him... think he´s funny..... dumb... or just boring? Well forget all that then, cause this is defienently not the same guy, or atleast thats what this fantastic movie made me realize. Dont judge a book by its cover..... A classic quote to go along the possible fact that this movie , might as well.... could have been... very much ignored for more than one reason. First one being: It looks like a dumb comedy on the poster. Two: It stars Will Ferrel, whos mostly known for ha ha comedies.... or well... only known for that kind of comedy. Three: Queen Latifa is in it, and alot of people (i think) swear to avoid her acting, or atleast her pressence which always brings to mind the tragic ghost of horrible "non-white" 90´s sitcoms like "living single", "Fresh prince of bel air" and more. Well, well, well.... nevermind all those horrific attributes. Cause this movie is absolutely wonderful, and it is a must see if you love quirky drama flicks with a romantic twist. If i had a scale to judge movies on, and the scales went up to 100 seagulls, this movie would get a solid 87 of them. Big thumbs up, you could say. (and Will Ferrel..... is just mindblowingly great.... unbelieveable, but true).

Yes.... watch it!