Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What Iphone?

The apple Iphone.

Ok, here i go... What happens when you take one of the biggest and fastest growing (semi intelligent) companies in the world, with a fantastic patented clickwheel which enabled their socalled Ipod to conquer the world..... and you have them remove and forget their fantastic patented clickwheel, let them take a "couple" of years for thinking, and let them "reinvent/re-promote" the phone? Well... good question. Basically you get - Nothing. But... you also get a chinese company called Meizu and their meizu M8. An asian company with a vision and a phone that is, more Iphone (and revolutionairy) than the actual Apple Iphone itself. Hmmmm.... sounds crazy, right? Well basically what Meizu have done with their concepts around the M8 phone was to say... Why not approach (ok ok, borrow/adapt/adopt) what apple claims is so great and new. Clone it! and improve the hell out of it, all... for an even cheaper price. Scary, but none the less plausible. The Meizu M8 delivers 3g capabilities and a front view camera (which the Apple phone does not) which automatically makes it appeal to more customers, a 1mp upgrade on the backside camera compared to the Iphone, twice the resolution on the screen, almost (720x480 pixels), and if that wasnt enough, they even adopted the "white" that apple threw away or prioritized away in the process. Last but not least Meizu reduced the size of their phone a tiny bit.......... Numb yet?

Meizu m8

Ok. Let me just state, i do acknowledge to some extent that Meizu indeed are ripping apple more than a bit (on the material use). But seriously, can apple really expect to present a revolution thats not even a revolution (technologically that is). They threw away their prime values : the clickwheel from the Ipod, and they skipped their signature white. So what do they have left? Squares with round corners? Sorry Mr. jobs, you cant really patent that (yet). So... im intrigued to see the result of all this during a couple of months. A thing to remember in the meanwhile: Consumer products is all about capitalism, and capitalism is all about making money... so did anyone really expect a fair game here?

Meizu M8

To be honest, i really do think that the Meizu M8 is the "real" complete package, the whole hand, the extra milage, or whatever you could say. Facts are: Apple slept on the job (or atleast doze off), and abandoned their typical domain... They didnt create the revolution they promized.... and suddenly there was china.

Waiter! (apple).... I ordered fries with that!


Anonymous said...

This Meizu phone hasn't even been completed yet, and with that high of a resolution and with that much decent technology it will probably turn out more expensive than you think... but, maybe it is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

and... its supposed to turn out to be 989 dollars, so thats definetly NOT cheaper than the iPhone