Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Different, Part 3.

just to sum the situation with this one. Back in 2004/2005 Muse actually thought they sorta "discovered" the band and were kinda doing them a favour by "not covering" but re-living their Dracula Mountain song riff and have some good ol' Muse live fun with it. Lightning Bolt fans got really pissed and rumours at the time were that Lightning Bolt (or the fans) did not want Muse to do this. Equally Muse fans started dissing Lightning Bolt fans, stating that LB fans should shut up because the Muse "version" and the band overall was better than LB. Anyhoooo.....

A great quoute from the Lightning Bolt boards: "Lightning Bolt isn't fucking Tinkerbell. They do not grow stronger the more you clap for them and rally behind them. Neither are they weakened by the message board opinions of Muse fans" - By DIN.

Lightning Bolt - Dracula Mountain (Original) 2003.

Muse - Live 2004.

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