Tuesday, May 03, 2011

You can't say that again...

Big asss smart, oh sooo smart companies..... global companies... multibillion dollar corporations, powered by thousands of hyper intelligent and super ambitious workerbees....... Focus groups, marketing ploys, viral this and guerilla that... Academic super powers combined with fat ol' white men behind every stubborned dollar. Wellll....

None of that "shit" matters when you end up being a dumbass. The question is: Does anyone really care anymore? Apparently not.

I have no clue, who the f### came up with this insanely stupid name for a hygiene product. This is really sooo lame, because they're obviously not doing this because of it's amazing funfactor. They chose the extremely anal route hinting a cleaner use of retardation. And noooo... a neat ad with some hipsters swapping saliva doesn't make up for it!

Well, let's make some cleaning products instead. Let's give it an awesome name, let's really nail it this time. No compromises, no funny business... just pure branding. Ok? But let's spend the money on tv advertizing only and then later not care about how this word also appears online. Yeah?

Well... if they only made cleaning products uniquely for glass and named it Glass Sex, it would have been awesome, fun and memorable atleast. Really, it would!. But, they didn't. Soo...

Let's just skip to someting entirely different. Let's brand some electricity. Better yet, let's even sponsor the Danish national soccer team with our wonderful name (because they never travel abroad.. wink wink). Let's make some international noise!

Yes, i know i am reading alot into that. But seriously, repressing the fact that one has heard of that word in another more inappropriate context, doesn't make it less dumb.

Apparently bad "ideas" can never stop dumbass people from making money. Soooooo, what are you waiting for?

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