Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hard Candy, anyone?

As proven before thru the beautiful works of directors such as Todd Solondz (Happines, Palindromes amongst others), Miranda July (You and me and everyone we know) and even Darren aronofosky (Requiem for a dream), writers and directors today arent affraid of leaning towards the more sensitive and worst case scenario - the tabooish.

The new realism genre (if thats what it even is) within movies today are becoming a somewhat exciting "new" territory to explore, and luckely for everyone watching, reality, no matter how brutal it may be, always brings a bit more edge to the screen, and Hard candy is no exception.

I definently recommend basically anyone to atleast
watch (and become intrigued by) these first8,5 minutes of the movie or..... "best case scenario", track this movie down and check it out... you will not regret it. Fans os movies like Se7en, Happines, Saw, and even Requiem for a dream, will love this dark and almost documentary-like quite rough very head on movie. It certainly wont deliver the plot you expect it to..... thats for sure. Obs: (sensitive people, should probably watch it with a nice partner).

PS: i will post a detailed review (incl. spoilers and everything) of the movie later on this month. Enjoy.

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courtney said...

i would describe the new genre as "fatalist realism" cause few people's realities (at least, people i have known) have been so perfectly & conveniently tragic. i like your blog, i found it cause we both like kim hiorthoy! best movie ive seen recently (and it's somewhat old now): "Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story" check it out!!! the ultimate movie about making a movie (and there have been many attempts at this!)