Saturday, August 12, 2006

The science of sleep and videos...

One of the worlds most finest and innovative musicvideo directors: Michel Gondry, Have since the very beginning of his career, been an utter fantastically different experience within what we perceive as mearly filmmaking. Michel Gondry, is not just a ground breaking musicvideo/filmdirector but an extraordinary dreamer fighting to deliver what we dare to feel and fail to think up. La Science des rĂªves (The Science Of Sleep) is his 3rd cinematic film as a director. (Charlie kaufman´s "Human nature" and "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" being his first and second).

The Sciene Of Sleep, is Michel Gondry´s first cinematic film, where he is responsible for both the writing and the directing. Those of us who know the work of Michel Gondry, instantly recognize his unique style and sense of more visual expressions. Are you not familiar with Michel Gondry? Here´s a bunch of typical "Gondryesque" youtubed musicvideos, topped of with my favourite scene in "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind", and finally the trailer for "The Science Of Sleep". Enjoy!

Bjork - Hyperballad (by M.Gondry)

Michael Andrews/Gary jules - Mad World (by M.Gondry)

Chemical Brothers - Star guitar (by M.Gondry)

Radiohead - Knives out (by M.Gondry)

Massive Attack - Protection (by M.Gondry)

Kylie minoque - Come into my world (by M.Gondry)

The White Stripes - Hardest button to button (by M.Gondry)

My absolute favourite scene in "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind". (notice the books around them as they walk around.... So beautiful, breathtaking and typical Michel Gondry. The wonderful music of Jon Brion, makes this scene unforgettable.)

The Science Of Sleep - Official Trailer.

"The Science Of Sleep" Premieres pretty much in every good cinema everywhere in September/October. Everybody deserves a little Michel Gondry in their life..... Dont you agree?

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