Sunday, May 13, 2007

Street knitting

Swedish Pressbyrån (a national kiosk franchise) ran some tv ads, some months ago that were really great, both musically... and idea wise, very intrigueing, in regards of the "concept" and/or focus. One of the tv ads was about Houston (Texas, Usa) group Knittaplease, a group of very... very cool girls, who took their colorful knitting to the streets, graffiti style. Insanely inspiring, refreshing and brilliant i must say (i was blown away)... and for you who have never seen the Pressbyrån tv ad, or even heard of Knittaplease, here it is, along some follow up stuff about them. Check them out, theyre fantastic.

The Pressbyrån Tv-ad:

Some more youtubed Knittaplease stuff:

Check out them out at , and become friends with them at

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