Monday, May 28, 2007

How big is it?

Well.... i must admit i keep on getting impressed by Korean company Cowon (Iaudio). Not only did they a year ago convince me to buy their A2 portable media player, which is the best electronic device i have ever owned.... But they leave me hanging on tight, giving me hope, that in the future this company will keep pleasing the curious crowds. Well, let me just tell you abit about my experiences with my A2. It keeps battery life, like a weasel holds its bite on predators... Ive transferred loads of unconverted/original sized movies on it, and it has never complained... ive slept with it, dropped it, recorded live music with... run visuals (videoprojections) from it, at liveshows/meeting etc.... yes.... and iver seriously never seen it skip during a movie... can you believe that... (I even use it 1,5 hour a day atleast)... Once again. I mean it when i say that it is the best electronic device ive ever owned. period.

Thats why im very excited about the touchscreen enabled Cowon q5 theyre putting out this upcoming fall. Heres some spec details: 5inch radiant screen (1 inch bigger than A2), video in 800x480, wifi, bluetooth, 40/60gb Harddrive, Fm radio, divx/xvid support (again) well.... even Gps capable. Thats alot of stuff, packed into 13.8cm (width), 8.8cm (height), 2cm (depth), neatly designed fullgrown mediaplayer. Seriously look at it, and think about those specs. Its wonderful, cant wait to see it in the wild

So its kinda big.... but small... but big... if you know what i mean. ;)
PS: By the way see it action here (Cnet) :

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