Thursday, August 02, 2007

Iriver unit 2 pics...

The new Iriver unit2. What is it and where to even begin? Its a dvd/cd player stereo with a massive 7" display. A display that doubles as a Portable media player supporting Divx, Xvid, mp3, photos etc.. Its wifi at its coolest, its a tv, its a widget (or hostage taker of widgets atleast)...... Its highend design wrapped in "Wauv".... and its all remote controlled with a delicious remote (standard remote on outside, Qwerty keyboard flips out from the inside). Bang & Olufsen eat your heart out, Apple cry your eyes out..... This is what the good life is all about (ehhh... the tech fetish part of it anyway).

As mentioned above, the huge 7" display comes of, claiminig a life os its own as a very nifty media player.

When the display/pmp is of the unit, the speakers slide together, melting into a new smaller unit, so to speak.

The remote doubles as a "standard" remote, but also folds out revealing the qwerty keyboard inside. Crisp, clean, nice big squary buttons, for your punching pleasure.

Along the unveiling of these fantastic pics, iriverfans forum suggests that 2 other units - unit 2a and 2b (3 and 4?) are in the process aswell.

Im seriously stoked about this general direction that Iriver has managed to thread. This is bright and refreshing news for, not just the design commuity, but also for consumer electronics in general. One can only guess that maybe a smaller device will be joining aswell, maybe one that doubles as a remote (which Iriver have done before). Enjoy the pics. Spread the good news.

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