Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Commodore Gravel C200 spotted...

As promised in my earlier posts about the Commodore Gravel series, i would follow up on the last of their devices, the c200. It is in the wild, and apparently available for preorder in the Netherlands already. The Gravel C200, is the smallest of all the players in their wonderful new Gravel series. The specs for the C200 is, 1.8" Oled screen, 1/2 gb capacity, Wifi capable, playing up to 18 hours of music and 2 hours of video, supporting all possible formats from Divx, Xvid, Mpeg2, Mpeg4, Wmv, mp3, mp4, Wav, Wma, Jpg, Gif, and Bmp. The 2gb version is currently available for preorder thru Dutch Misco for 125euro/170$. A bit steep, but pressumably not the "real" price, since its preorder. And if you didnt know already, the Gravel devices is a big part of Commodores fullscale attack on not just music and film sharing/shopping services, Television but also social networking (apparently). One could say from the rumours, that what Commodore is approaching with their Commodore world and its Gravel series along it, is a mix of Apple Tv/Tivo crossbreeding with Joost and Myspace. I am very excited about that. Very excited.

Check out Commodore world of Gravel here : Commodoreworld and the Gravel c200´s Commodore profile here : Gravel C200.

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