Friday, January 11, 2008

A breather, a moment...

Hello again.... Ohh so youve noticed the blog hasnt been that active lately. There are actually a couple of interesting and somewhat interesting reasons for that: foremost, of somewhat interesting nature, I myself, have been extremely busy working and attending my musical/artistic/other enterprises. Second: The blog has been undergoing a great moment of self evalution, regarding how and and when to expand in a better manor, none the less- "right way". So far im getting a couple of more contributors onto the blog joining the dream of trying to make an even more interesting (still fascinatingly quirky) blog. Beyond that, the whole blog is currently undergoing the process of getting a personalized domain, including a nice new makeover and more. I will be posting more on these developments and/or expansion claims within the month. Also i will be posting regularly again, very soon. (dont forget my last chapter of Apple: Who are you?).

See you soon.

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