Friday, October 13, 2006

Where do you wanna go today?

Time to get this blog running again, been sick for a while, havent had the chance to go online that much. Anyhow, good news.....

The market within portable music and media players keep exploding, evolving and luckely growing for the better. Doesnt really come as a surprise, but new times are ahead.

First of all Apple held their Showtime event last month and presented the new ipod nano, some updated ipod videos, some tv related stuff etc. Whats really interesting about that, is..... In my personal opinion? For the first time ever Apple have missed their window.... their new nanos are hidious minitaure clones of their previous mediocre semi scandal: the apple mini. The new nanos arent that fantastic (in my opinion), least of all pretty. Their Ipod video updates dont do much more either (not that they have to), the most exicting thing beeing gapless playback that lets you slide from one track right into the next without any annoying pauses..... pretty nice.... anyhow.... i guess it must be logical to assume that all the apple people are working hard on their Iphone and the "real" ipod video, so they dont have that much time impressing us too much just yet. Well to summ it all up: As in independence day (the movie, will smit etc.): these are the seconds in the movie where the shields are out on the motherships, and it is time for competitors/enemies to strike and move on in.

So who can really go in and turn the tables? Well...... within the next few blog posts im gonna show you some stuff that can create some stirr, and hopefully put some sort of damper on the current horrifying ipod regime.

The obvious suggestion, challenger no.1........ the player that quite possibly could ruin/begin it all.... the player that everyone is talking about..... The Microsoft Zune:

What really gives the Zune the extra edge is that it comes with wifi that enables you wirelessly share songs between users, and connects you to the zune market place. It has a huge blazing sharp screen...... and it looks freaking hot. Especially in brown. It comes in 30 and 60gb to begin with, and opening prices are suggested to be between 200-250$, probably closer to 200 than 250$. So if microsoft can pull of the same quality stunt as with the xbox..... well then you know whats gonna happen, right? The zune is set to launch november 14th.

Heres some neat video aswell:
A commercial teaser, with some nice emotional music:

The zune while networking:

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