Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nice new Iriver s10...

Wauv im posting something...... Ehhh anyhoo. Im a huge fan of french designer philippe starck, and i used to be the proud owner of one his beautiful minimalist wristwatches (unfortunantly it got nicked). Anyhow..... It pleases my sad soul to see Korean company Iriver present yet another fantastic design item of theirs. This time presenting an updated version of their s10 player, available sometime soon. A wearable "dock"....bluetooth enabled (for headphones). Wauv, indeed.... nice.

The first s10 model.

The new one (and new accessory)

A phillippe Starck watch (thought you might wanna see that too)

I dont think its a ripp off. But its definently the kind of minimalism i would wanna throw my consumptive spirit straight into. Iriver does it again..... fantastic little thing.

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