Friday, June 01, 2007

Stranger than fiction...

So you dislike Will Ferrel? or.....You love him... think he´s funny..... dumb... or just boring? Well forget all that then, cause this is defienently not the same guy, or atleast thats what this fantastic movie made me realize. Dont judge a book by its cover..... A classic quote to go along the possible fact that this movie , might as well.... could have been... very much ignored for more than one reason. First one being: It looks like a dumb comedy on the poster. Two: It stars Will Ferrel, whos mostly known for ha ha comedies.... or well... only known for that kind of comedy. Three: Queen Latifa is in it, and alot of people (i think) swear to avoid her acting, or atleast her pressence which always brings to mind the tragic ghost of horrible "non-white" 90´s sitcoms like "living single", "Fresh prince of bel air" and more. Well, well, well.... nevermind all those horrific attributes. Cause this movie is absolutely wonderful, and it is a must see if you love quirky drama flicks with a romantic twist. If i had a scale to judge movies on, and the scales went up to 100 seagulls, this movie would get a solid 87 of them. Big thumbs up, you could say. (and Will Ferrel..... is just mindblowingly great.... unbelieveable, but true).

Yes.... watch it!

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