Tuesday, July 31, 2007

White classes?

Went to malmö today, to have a look around. Dropped by the weekday store, looking for some new pants at the weekday 75% off sale (Cheap Monday pants for 100sek/10Euros. Yes. Seriously). I didnt find any and it was to hectic to wait around hoping to find some... people everywhere. Anyhow, after walking around the city, getting a falafel etc. etc..... there it was.

I found a very strange thing, that i would love for some swedes to decifer for me. I already consulted one swede about this, but the answer i got, was a bit more freaky than i expected (Or is it?. Help me out here). Well you see, swedish and danish, language wise, is very alike, and most of the times its funny to see how swedes can write completely innocent things, that in danish (spelled almost the same) means something completely different and perhaps even not appropriate (and vice versa). Today i saw a sign in the window of Scandinavian training/gym center S.a.t.s. I thought it was funny because it looked like it stated "White classes" (Vita klasser), but i assumed they meant "Wide classes" (which also is kinda funny, if you think about that). Anyhow, i understood they meant wide in the sense of, open for for both entry level users and trained etc. But after carefully looking into this, together with my swedish friend. We´ve come to the conclusion that it can only mean "white". So apparently S.a.t.s, are running "White classes", in case you were wondering the same thing.

So.... do they really mean what i dont think they mean? Can you help suggest what it means?. Tomorrow i am gonna get to the bottom of this, i will call them up and ask.... Because im pretty sure they dont mean, what i dare to think they mean. Unless theyre absolutely, positively, hardcore EVIL.

*EXTRA/NEW- I already figured out what they mean, from searching on "Vita klasser" (white classes) on Google (ofcourse). I kinda had a hunch (that they werent racist, obviously) that it meant something deeper, than what "I" Mr. flappy belly, who have no clues on how to break down and debunk fancy gym philosophies and terms, if thats what it is. Well, apparently by White classes they mean.... "Our white classes. Here we strive for a body and soul in harmony with each other. Perfect for you who feel stress in your weekdays and/or in your worklife. The White classes, gives you strength, balance..... yada yada."

Ehhh... Im actually still confused. (No im not drunk).... And i still think its very very funny, if not amusingly daring and ridicolous that they use this on a poster like that. Very funny, indeed.

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Emelie Ane Olsen said...

"vita klasser" does not mean "white classes". Vita is the latin word for "life". So "life classes" would be more correct.