Monday, June 11, 2007

Mir of Japan

In a completely different set of scenery.... burried in what probably is an endless amount of fun, undefined turbulence and inspiration, we find japanase based Mir. A "band" that not only is capable of making your insides itch (both head and body, lovely and annoying), but also has unique capabilities within both peformance and quirky semi-romantics. A collective of musical scientists combined with the poetic instincts of basic human curiousity, that is the essence of this crazy pack of foxes called Mir. What can i say, check out the videos, enjoy the show..... visit their site/ their record!..... and remember to tell them that you think theyre simply awesome. Visit their myspace here and their website here.

Mir - "Dance" video

Mir - Live at Tsurumai rock fest.

Mir - Live at Tsurumai rock fest.

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Søren said...

thanks for the tips on asian music.
i thought you might also like japanese band Kiseru, they make a kind of psychedelic, naivistic, lo-fi folk..
and then there's kiiiiiii, they have an interesting live show (I saw them in tokyo)