Thursday, June 07, 2007


Uhhh....... second chapter of the search for nice asian music. Furniture is a wonderful, wonderful indie "postrock" 5 piece band from Selangor, Malaysia. Yes, Malaysia.

Dreamy, broken, childish, blossoming, cozy, tranquil, smiling, kissing, holding hands, hugs (multiple hugs)...... shoelaces, icecream, 80´s sony walkmen (the big yellow ones), flowers, milkshakes, and childrens chemical helicopters (the ones outside supermarkets you put money in to shake your kids around), are definently among the things i picture when listening to their soothing songs. Again, without saying too much... They did a great debut record entitled "Twillight chases the sun" with a lovely cover that has a nice cut for the yellow cd (on top of the dark blue/green background) which makes it look like the moon peeping out from the cover. Nice.... nice... nice. You should listen to them sometime. Visit them here

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