Sunday, June 10, 2007


Japanese based Lullatone is the wonderous works and joint efforts of melody maker Shawn James Seymour and singer Yoshimi Tomida. A duo which delicious childlike and playful whispery singalong aesthetics gently armwrestles with the absolute most admirable fragile micromusical athmospheres. As mentioned on their myspace, theyre inspired by "daydreaming and humming in the bathtub", a thing i definently lack to draw musical conclusions upon... untill now.... and i concur.... Lullatone is the perfect soundtrack for vivid daydreaming and long sunday showers/baths preparing/recharging for the contrast evils that await around the very corners of the days to come. Of all creatures on this planet.... Lullatone is climbing my list of favourites, tailgating other out of this world inventions like Domo-kun and the Friends with you creatures. I guess by now, youve figured out that i think Lullatones music is nothing less than magical, innocent and cuddly creature like. So if youre into moods and things like that, i guess you owe this japanese duo your dedicated attention. Visit them at myspace here or visit their website You should.

Lullatone - "Bedroom bossa band" video

Lullatone - "Magical" live in Japan

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