Sunday, June 10, 2007

Red licorice...

Had a picnic yesterday evening with some friends. Victims were - some great salads (danish and turkish salads) made by Russ and Lucy the brits, some quorn fillets prepared by Sanna and Johanna the finns, some store bought potato salad and bread was there too.... anyhoo, a pretty lovely night. Nothing fancy, but lovely. Topped the day of with some geek surfing, some My name is Earl accompanied by some red licorice and..... what i really wanted to say was..... Finnish red strawberry licorice..... oh my god. Have never tasted it before.... but wauv... You have to try it some time. If my girlfriend would let me, i would wanna grow fat on that (especially when the price is 10kroner/1.5euro pr. Finnish strawberry licorice. Yes. Gotta have more.
More asian mucis recommendations, just around the corner.... just gotta finish this box of.... mmmhh... tasty... red.... mmm.

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