Thursday, July 26, 2007

5 quick indierock tips...

5 quick indierock tips, some new, some not so new, some quite fashionable, some not... But all 5, bands that are relevant to be hyped shortly (if not already). Take your pick.

Aberdeen City (Usa) - God is going to get sick of me.

A newer, but absolutely great Boston band with big songs, and explosive liveshows (with cowbells and more). Aberdeen City at myspace.

The Robocop Kraus (Germany) - You dont have to shout.

A band thats been around for a while. But theyre awesome, and actually one of the best livebands ive ever seen. The Robocop Kraus should have been much bigger than they are, but i guess theres plenty of time for that.The Robocop Kraus at myspace.

Snowden (Usa) - Anti Anti.

Not one of their best songs, but... damn this band is good, and their album is superb. Snowden at myspace.

120 Days (Norway) - C-Musik.

Yeah well, Norway have "rock" bands too. 120 Days live rumours are pretty good aswell, so i would keep my eye out for them. 120 Days at myspace.

The Veils (New zealand) - Vicious Tradition.

The Veils, i actually didnt care much for untill i saw the movie Mr. Brooks. Their end song for that film is absolutely wonderful, and their new record aint half bad. This song is from 2004 though, so it aint new. But, if you havent heard The Veils before... I guess they are.
The Veils at myspace.

Thats it. Enjoy.

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