Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Every Furby...

Late 2005, the "brilliant" minds of Tiger electronics gave us the second generation Furby. A generation which was a bit more gifted (and creepy) than the simple first generation. Anyhow, a year ago i gave my girlfriend one as a joke present. In the beginning, both of us very much hesitated to turn it of when we got bored with it (him/her). But as time swept by (over the year, and we got to know his every cute/dumb move), he ended up on behind our books on the bookshelf, only to come out during social gatherings testing him for responses on various words and movements. Anyways, during the last year people all over the planet have gone thru the same thing, though..... some people have gone to extremes, either doing morbid autopsies, d.i.y surgery or mean things to and on their Furbies. Others simply just keep enjoying them, whether they be partly broken, modified, german.... or still going strong. Heres some various interesting (and funny) videos of the Furby race doing its best to survive. (Be a tiny bit warned with the massacre vid. Its kinda creepy.)

Normal functioning 2nd generation Furby. (cute huh?).

2 Second gen´s and a 1 first gen. Singing together.

An aging generation one braindamaged Furby.

German 2nd generation Furby. Speaking german. Funny stuff.

A hardcore Furby massacre compilation.

Microwaved 1st generation Furby. Toasty stuff.

I guess this means that people around the world enjoy Furbies, no matter what their situation is.

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