Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Junk Hunters diary - Part 01...

Over the last couple of months, ive been spending measly amounts of money, but still a little bit of time, in order to go hunt for vintage, kitsch, dumb or "junkish" objects. So far i think ive managed to sum up quite a bit of interesting things. You know what? Let me show you how great it is to be a talented "junk-hunter".

Item No.1 - A Polaroid Camera, with pop-up flash.

Yeah, yeah. Ive actually found quite a few polaroid cams, though... this one was a bit different. It has autofocus (yes), and a nice push-pop flash. A great one for the collection. And it works too. Found on the 19th of july 2007 in a second hand store. Price - 10 swedish kroner. Approx 1 euro.

Item No.2 - Track and Field for 8bit Nintendo.

I simply love it when i stumble upon old games for my Nintendo Nes. I was absolutely ecstatic to find this at blocket.se for 50 swedish kroner. approx 5 euro. A very classic game that can break your thumbs off within minutes of gametime. Found on the 7th of july 2007.

Item No.3 - A classic Burgerking backpack.

I simply couldnt resist this rather freaky purchase. But you know, the first thing i thought was - This would be awesome for my Atari, you know when i wanna go to friends houses and do Miss Pacman nights... And despite the fact that im a vegetarian, im a huuuuge fan of fastfood culture. Now i have the backpack to prove it. Price - 5 swedish kroner, approx 0.5 euro at a second hand store. Found the 24th of july 2007.

Item No.4 - A bunch of cool Spiderman stickers.

To be honest, i have no clue if these are vintage or not. Though ive searched and havent been able to find these. They have a kinda nice matt finish to them, with a coat of "old feel". They dont look new, but i like Spiderman so.... got 6 sheets of these for 6 swedish kroner, approx. 0.6 euro. Found them among some books at a antique furniture place. (go figure). Found February 3rd 2007.

Item No.5 - 2 kinda creepy/cute dolls.

Yes, i took these dolls, which i found chilling by the garbagecans outside my girlfriends moms apartment complex.

I figured i wanted to use them for either scaring little kids, or maybe use them for artwork later on. Price? Free!. Found on January 2nd 2007. I seriously love these dolls, theyre pricelessly awesome.

Item No.6 - A Russian Kiddie Keyboard

This damned little thing is freaking amazing. At first it didnt work, but me and a friend had a look at it. Now it works, runnig on a 9v battery.... and you know what? My wee wee tickles when you hit the darker notes. Oh my i love this thing. Am also using it on some songs im doing for later on. Price? 5 swedish kroner, approzx 05. euro. Found the 2nd of December 2006 at a market place. (Beck stickers i added myself).

So.... why do i show these things to you? Well because they make me happy, and i wanna show you that you dont need to spend all your money on Itunes, when it gives endless times more inspiration to use your petty allowance on stuff like this. Im serious. Forget everything about Botox, Ipods, White sneakers, Accesories and smiling at people you dont know. Junk is way more personal.....its what the world is made of... and its no shame taking pride in that. Its even good for the environment. Yup. More junk shots coming up (and believe me, you aint seen nothing yet).

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Finland! My sister made some search for certain dolls and found your page. I happen to have that kind of doll but the body is blue and hands and feet red. It used to have blue hair. I've got in in the 60's, I believe - I guess it was a cheap toy from somewhere Russia or Poland or something :-D (I used to have substitutes even for the Barbie...). But anyway, the doll is vintage! Anne