Thursday, July 26, 2007

Benq Siemens Black Box...

For a while (almost a year), the news had been that Benq Siemens were working on a release for their "pure touchscreen" based cellphone entitled Black Box (and Codename Ruby). But the joint company efforts of Siemens and Benq broke down and the previous line of phones are now only under the name of Benq. Rumours were that Benq would keep working on the Black Box phone. (one can only hope). So far only concept images have been posted of the phone, but i thought it would be appropriate to sum up the few images that had been spotted. I personally hope that someone within Benq will keep this project running, and get it released.

Who doesnt love pictograms. (very nice).

Sorta like on the Nintendo Ds, it looked like Benq Siemens were aiming for alot more than just the standard cellphone with features concept.

Im keeping my fingers crossed, that it will turn up somewhere... someday.... soon.

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prime said...

Hope it will be released, this phone is awesome.