Monday, January 15, 2007

Children of... Sunshine...

Being a huge "post-apocalyptic" soul myself (???), it rocks my world to see the brits (thru mexican/aussie director Alfonso Cuarón) at it again when it comes to the post-apocalypse. For some reason they seem to have the apocalypse nailed down, to a somewhat way more believeable and not ridicolous level, when they do their films. What is it that makes them just a little bit better at these films..... Why is Terry Gilliams Brazil and 12 monkeys, 2 of the best and most original sci-fi/p.a (post-apocalypse) films out there. What is it exactly that grows from the soil, or flows in the water in the UK that enables them to come up with such outrageous ideas and different storylines. What is it that makes it possible for Danny Boyle to pick up the Zombie genre in 2002 (a somewhat embarrassing and dangerous turf to muster) with his 28 days later, and actually doing, what he did so good. A original piece of film with a delicate "non-zombie but still zombie" twist...... Im having trouble figuring that out. Well i must admit, there is far between the real masterpieces, so hopefully Children of men will make it, and claim its rightfull territory. I definently advise people to go see it, whenever it might arrive to its respectable areas.

Stills from Children of men

Later this year (soon i hope) we will also witness the without a doubt far most ambitious work of Danny boyle, thru his socalled "Sunshine". Just like Children of men, a definite p.a theme is haunting the depths of this project, and just like 28 days later, with a far more experimental touch of advanced science and human hopelessness . I cannot wait to see this film....... And would dare bet my right arm, it will shake the very foundation of mainstream pre-determination.

stills from Sunshine by Danny Boyle:

Danny Boyle at the set.

Looks to be a great year for people with dark eyes on our socalled fantastic future. Check out the respectible sites of each movie: children of men and Sunshine. There.... and there........ok.

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