Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cowon Iaudio! whats up?

Like any other semi "tech" geek ive been sitting in front of my comp following CES (Consumer electronics show) in Las vegas last week. Cowon, my favourite company when it comes to media players, showed some really nice stuff, so i am excited to see more from them. Anyhow.... i searched around alot of websites to find pics and news about various CES related things (especially Cowon), when i suddenly stumbled upon this strange Cowon device, which i assume is a mockup (fake) made/posted by a fan. Anyhow i really loved it, since it would be cool to see Cowon aim for the smaller designs aswell. They do have a new touchscreen player out called D2m though they lacked to reveal a real succesor to the popular Iaudio A2. So maybe this new mystical "fake", could inspire them to do a A2 mini. Anyhow heres the stuff:

More pics: here (David_in_asia2006 at Flickr). Interesting.

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