Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The sansa view...

Sandisk, whom had great succes in 2006 with their wonderful Sansa e series dap (digital audio player), launched their new flash memory based video player - sansa view, at Ces last week..... And i must admit.... i really love it... and the fact that its an actual design object, flash based even...... Anyhow for you guys out there who hasnt seen it yet, heres some a previews of it!:

basically its an 8gb device updateable with 4gb cards (perhaps even 8gb cards very soon). So i guess you could assume that Sandisk definently will be in your "grill" in the future (if you understand how great, pretty and cheap their neat stuff is). 299$ for a device like the sansa view, is pretty favourable...... dont you think?..... looking forward to seing more from the sandisk dudes. Most definently.

Yup!....... Buy one, right: Here

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