Saturday, January 20, 2007


Started watching the show Heroes today, and i must say.... already by the first episode, im pretty impressed....... And in order just to keep blogging (and getting back to the show) i just wanna say: !Hmmmmmm..... This is actually so good, it might end up getting cancelled!" (more about what i meant with that later). Ohhhh and one last thing..... dont you just hate (sorry, "Dislike") people that chew with their mouths open. Oh my god.... i freakin´ hate the noises people can bring on within their heads, rampaging thru their daily meals like semi paralyzed zombie idiots imitating washingmachines without even knowing it. Its mindblowing! Now.. close that damn mouth! You hear!? (its the 21st century dammit... and no! it doesnt taste better just because you have your mouth open). He....

Anyhow, wanna beat the noises? Watch some tv-shows. Check out Heroes: Here. (and for you europeans..... since its not out here yet, torrents is the way to go. Youre gonna end up buying the dvd anyway when it comes out). Peace out.

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