Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Since last year sometime, dear old Commodore have been working on something quite exciting.... Called the Commodore Gravel. A portable media player and wifi enabled "remote"/handheld advanced mediacenter if you must. Not just for the new home, but also for the media craving loonies on the go. The design aspect is great, the technological bar set high...... So look out microsoft, look out iriver and others out there..... this could be a somehow sweeter thing than previously expected, and h*** its freakin´ Commodore.

But..... You know.... they havent been too generous with info on how far they really are......... untill..... guess what? Just a couple of days ago this exciting new video popped up on youtube posted by the commodore bloggers. Hmmm... Check it out!

Keep an eye on the Commodore world blog

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