Monday, September 03, 2007

The Iaudio U5

As mentioned some days ago, the IFA consumer eletronics fair in Berlin has been a busy week for alot of manufacturers. Plenty of companies presented somewhat interesting devices. Korean Cowon on the other hand presented this little thing, which im not really sure about how to react upon - The Iaudio U5. A smaller device, with a 1.8" tft lcd screen at 128x160. Capacity wise ranging from 2-8 gb along the skills of doing voice recordings, FM radio and recording. How they will manage to unveil this device further, is a mystery i guess. Is it sofar, inferior in comparison to its other Cowon Iaudio family members? It seems so. Am i a bit dissapointed? Havent decided yet. Hopefully the U5 is just a teaser or a prototype of sorts. The design itself is interesting, yet generic and very much not even near as consequently executed as i thought they would vision their future designs. Check it out.

Navigations/tactile closeup.

Cowons IFA 2007 booth. (pic by Steven@cowonboards)

More IFA 2007 booth pics at the Korean Cowonboards
. Enjoy.


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