Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Zune generation 2

...And while all desperate eyes and ears are on the Apple event tomorrow, i have decided to switch camps (not that i ever was in "one" camp) and post this new fascinating (and plausible) 2nd generation Zune mock by an unknown designer, that i discovered on a german Zune site. Very interesting design. I especially like the double edges of the device. Which would make room for both the neat "double-shot" finish on the outside, without it interferring with the solid frame inside surrounding the actual screen. Also it makes it easier to keep your fingers curled along side to the front of the device without having to be forced resting you fingertips on the edge of the screen. (source: www.zune-info.de/forum)

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Anonymous said...

As cool as the concept is, I'm hoping the next Zune won't be as expensive as the iPhone. I personally don't care for all the touchscreen crap on my media player, it seemingly serves to just make the player more expensive.

I say screw the iPhone touchy crap, in hopes that Microsoft does their own thing. if they add touchscreen features, fine. I would just like to own something other than an iSomething relatively soon, Thanks.