Monday, September 03, 2007

New nano - part 2

After quite some searching for the origin of the Ipod nano pic sent to me by a friend of mine (claiming not knowing the source). After several hours of searching, i finally found a bunch of pics claiming to be nano g3´s. Also being the source of my pic i assume. Let me just state one thing. THEY ARE ALL FAKES. I looked closer at the real pics and pointed out the photoshop mistakes. Just in case you got youre hopes up.

pic 1:

The shadow line on the top right side is photoshopped. The line is pixelated and has a too strong contrast compared to a realistic photo. Hence its added. Also the screen is a tad more to the right side of the player, crossing into the curves of the actual device.

pic 2::

The surrounding textures of the clickwheel is too blurred compared to the texture of the normal surface on the device. Which also screams PHOTOSHOP, apparently he either couldnt find a matching color good enough or he used a bad click wheel copied from another pic. Besides these flaws, MacFranky´s flickr page reeks of "i love mocks".

These 2 pics along more fake nano pics can be found at MacFranky´s Flickr page. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

what is your problem with these images?
they're just trying to advertise to make them look nice
it's not like it's the end of the world
you act like it's sucha HUGE crime or you've made the discovery of the century

Anonymous said...

Honestly, its just good advertising. They're not doing anything wrong or bad, just a little sprucing up to the original. Would you buy an ipod that looked HORRIBLE?

Anonymous said...

And anyway, most of this blur problems in low quality images are due to the .jpg compression rate (if that´s how it´s called. English is not my first language).
Go get a life, they probably corrected some ligh issues in the original photographs.

Anonymous said...

Not that impressed.
These are better: