Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cowon mockups...

Within the last month or so, a whole heap of interesting Cowon/Iaudio designs/mockups flooded the net here and there. I figured i would post the ones that wasnt shown too much. Apparently these pics tell the mythical tales of a new, smaller "colored" version of the x5, which Cowon fans over the years so proudly enjoyed to worship (for a good reason aswell). It pleases me very much to keep seeing consistent Cowon supporters (which i assume it is) creating a stir with their own designs. Good ones too if i may add. So no complaints here. Ufortunantly credible rumours of a future sibling to the x5, the x7 (or x8) are sofar non existent. So, youre gonna have to settle for these fake mugshots. Notice that the black design has X8 on its back, where the red and brown have X7.


Thanks you David T. for the pics.

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