Friday, September 21, 2007

The eerie stills... of the Southland Tales trailer..

A dedicated user over at named Gunji, took a closer look at the yahoo high definition version of the Southland Tales trailer. He kindly spent his latenight going thru the trailer with keener eyes and... posted his findings in the forum (in 1024x768 resolution). "I watched it frame-by-frame and was even more impressed by all the stuff they put in. Now it's almost 2 o'clock at night here and I gotta work tomorrow, but here are some hidden stills I found!" - Gunji. Here are some of the Eerie stills he found burried in the faster transitions of the trailer. Click the images to see bigger versions (in new window).

If you wanna see, hear and discuss more about this film, i can definently recommend heading over to (signup required). Lot of nice people over there, and Richard Kelly himself drops by and says hi once in a while. Great work Gunji. Nice stills.

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